Work smarter and play harder with top-of-the-line systems and components for all your needs

Whether putting the finishing touches on a masterpiece or blasting online opponents to their digital bits, all the best equipment for every task is on offer at COMPUTEX. There is something on show for everyone, from creators and designers to gamers and enthusiasts.
Some products even do it all. Take, for instance, the ASUS ProArt PA34VC Professional Monitor, a 34-inch curved IPS display with UWQHD resolution geared toward creatives and gamers who want to expand their sights beyond the constraints of traditional monitors. Featuring excellent color accuracy and fluid visuals thanks to Adaptive Sync and refresh rates up to 100Hz, the PA34VC would be equally comfortable as the studio display for a top animator or as the monitor of choice for the most demanding of gamers.
Of course, even the best display needs the horsepower to push pixels, especially when it comes to gaming. And what better way to keep clutter to a minimum and maximize your experience than the MSI Trident X Plus, the world’s smallest gaming desktop, featuring an Intel 9th-generation Core i9K CPU and a GeForce RTX 2080Ti GPU in a 10-liter chassis. Its efficient design and minimal footprint means the focus can be where it matters most: on seamless, uninterrupted entertainment.

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