La French Tech presents 7 high-profile and awarded startups at COMPUTEX

Seven is a magic number; the composition of this year’s French delegation is seriously impressive. All of them have already stolen the show in major tech events around the world.

With the strongest delegation ever, impressive award-winning French startups will land in Taiwan at InnoVEX

Seven is a magic number; the composition of this year’s French delegation is seriously impressive. All of them have already stolen the show in major tech events around the world.
The awards and accomplishments of those seven high-profile startups are jaw-dropping: CES Best of Innovation Award for Energysquare (ground-breaking and efficient wireless charging technology); CES Innovation Award for Adok (transform any surface into an interactive touchscreen); another CES Innovation award for Digitsole (smart soles that help doctors treat better, with personalized walking profiles).
French champions in AI will also participate actively: Quantmetry uses AI to accelerate the diagnosis of cancer and other diseases, and Hoomano aims to improve human-machine interactions, developing applications for the robots Pepper and Nao. On top of that, Mapwize, a powerful indoor mapping and wayfinding platform is already partnering with Cisco, Microsoft and Rise Hong Kong. Finally, Virtual Room is bringing the next level of VR experience. They have already worked in more than 20 cities around the world, including Los Angeles, Singapore and Paris; Taipei is their next destination.
According to Business France Taiwan, they invited startups who have something (products, R&D, technology, etc.) to offer for collaboration with Taiwan, especially in terms of technologies or products tailored to modern consumers and connoisseurs in Taiwan, or products that have already shone worldwide, especially at major tech shows like CES, MWC, and IFA. Most important of all, startups interested in the Asian market were invited to attend COMPUTEX.
French startups have made a lot of effort to participate in the pitch contest this year, thanks to the big success of last year. The country already has two semi-finalists this year, trying to increase the visibility of Taiwan and COMPUTEX in France.
However, in France, people do not think of Taiwan automatically (but rather Japan, Korea, Singapore, HK, and China) when they think of Asia. Business France Taiwan Director Mr. François Cotier said that an event as striking as COMPUTEX helps to better communicate in France.
IMG_0952Furthermore, news coverage in English in the international press is a very important tool to bring French startups here, as they do not know Taiwan well.
As COMPUTEX is the most important tech event in Asia, La French Tech powered by Business France is presenting a powerful delegation for the fourth consecutive year. From May 29 to 31, startups from France will be, once again, the center of attention in the InnoVEX international zone, making La French Tech one of the must-sees of the show.
Aside from the award-winning startups, the France Pavilion is also hosting the French Tech Pitch Session, scheduled for May 31 in the InnoVEX Pi Stage at 10 AM.


French startups at InnoVEX 2019


Virtual Room
Digitsole, powered by Zhor-Tech

Bpifrance x TIIP

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