Amazon Global Selling assists Taiwan’s SMEs to sell using its truly global marketplaces

Amazon Global Selling, which helps indviduals and businesses increase sales and reach new customers, has established a stronghold in Taiwan since last year to help local firms sell and export products worldwide.

Amazon Global Selling, which helps indviduals and businesses increase sales and reach new customers, has established a stronghold in Taiwan since last year to help local firms sell and export products worldwide.

Cindy Tai, Head of Amazon Global Selling Asia.

With more local firms — which have strong manufacturing bases and rich export experience — eagerly seeking online export opportunities to develop their businesses, Amazon Global Selling decided to set up its Taiwan team and began operation in May 2017.
Through Amazon Global Selling, Taiwan sellers have direct access to more than 300 million active customer accounts worldwide
and over one million Amazon business buyers, providing the e-commerce giant with a compelling argument when approaching local businesses.
In addition, Amazon Global Selling operates 13 online marketplaces worldwide and supports sellers with its world-leading logistic system. It also helps sellers complete export logistic solutions and expand their overseas business in a more convenient and efficient way through 149 fulfilments centers located across the world that can deliver products to customers in 185 countries and regions.
“We are seeing more Taiwan sellers, including manufacturers, brand owners, traders, and start-ups selling their products globally on our international marketplaces, opening themselves up to millions of additional potential customers and business buyers through the beauty of the internet,” said Cindy Tai, head of Amazon Global Selling Asia,
“Our goal is to continue to provide the support to empower Taiwan brands and small and medium businesses (SMBs) on Amazon to scale up their businesses and help them develop their brands globally,” she said.
Signing an MOU with TAITRA
Since the launch of the Taiwan team, Amazon Global selling has built a one-stop solution for Amazon sellers by partnering with local companies to help sellers with logistic solution for inbound shipment to Amazon Fulfillment Centers in the United States and Japan. It has also provided payment solutions to facilitate seller’s operation flow and hosted a series of seminars with industrial associations to explore the manufacturing strength of Taiwan’s industry in stepping onto Amazon marketplaces.
Last week, Amazon Global Selling also signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with
the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
for a joint effort to identify and
select enterprises of high quality
to help them launch export
business in Amazon global marketplaces.
Under the MOU, Amazon will provide enhanced services to the selected companies, including guidance regarding the on-boarding process, account management services, selling through Fulfillment by Amazon, and enhanced merchandising and promotion services.
As part of the MOU deliverables, the TA project (TAITRA/Amazon project) aims to support small and medium enterprises in Taiwan in the information and communications technology industry to expand their businesses on Amazon.
For the first time, Amazon will also take part in the 2018 COMPUTEX in Taipei with Amazon Pavilion presence (TICC, 3F, North Lounge) to promote Amazon branding in Taiwan.
In the new trading era represented by cross-border online export, the Global Selling Taiwan team is helping different local sellers transform and explore global business opportunities, including manufacturers, brand owners and start-ups.
For manufacturers, Amazon provides supports to help them embrace new trading models to transform online practices, connect directly with global customers and build their own brands. For brand owners and start-ups, they gain access to customer insights in order to build their own brand.
In addition to globally active customers, B2B e-commerce business represents another driving force for manufacturing companies to increase sales. Since its launch in the United States in April 2015, Amazon Business has now launched on Amazon US, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan and France and serves more than 1 million business customers around the world.
Global growth of 50% in 2017
Amazon has created a suite of support tools to help smaller businesses export their products abroad, including providing global delivery and distribution and managing customer service in
local languages. Amazon also translates hundreds of millions of product listings each year on behalf of smaller businesses, enabling them to sell internationally with minimal effort.
In a recent letter to Shareholder, Amazon said the Global Selling program grew by over 50% in 2017 and cross-border ecommerce by SMBs now represents more than 25% of total third- party sales.

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