The Secret to Unleashing Innovation? Listening to Customers

Everything at Intel starts and ends with our purpose: to create world-changing technology that improves the life of every human on Earth. And the only way that can be achieved is through our customers and partners. As simple as it sounds, listening to customers continues to be the secret to unleashing innovation at Intel.

By Michelle Johnston Holthaus, Executive Vice President of Intel Corporation

Everything at Intel starts and ends with our purpose: to create world-changing technology that improves the life of every human on Earth. And the only way that can be achieved is through our customers and partners. As simple as it sounds, listening to customers continues to be the secret to unleashing innovation at Intel.

In my keynote at COMPUTEX today, I shared the virtual stage with partners and colleagues from around the world. We highlighted that the innovation being unleashed by Intel is a direct result of listening to our customers and taking specific actions based on their feedback. What they tell us informs our strategy and our purpose, products and services — it also enables our collective success.

Technology has never been more important for humanity than it is today. In the past year, technology made remote working and learning possible, enabled telehealth solutions for patient and caregiver safety, and brought online streaming capabilities to new heights. But the demand for technology started long before COVID-19, and semiconductors are at the foundation of it all.

We have a deep understanding of the global supply-and-demand challenges, and know consistent supply is the key to industry growth. We are committed to continuing to lead and drive collaboration across the entire semiconductor industry to tackle these challenges together and fuel the next era of innovation.

In March, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger unveiled our IDM 2.0 strategy. It’s a powerful, winning formula that strategically uses internal factories and external foundries to deliver our leadership products — and provides the industry more advanced foundry capacity through Intel Foundry Services.

Clearly, semiconductor demand is unprecedented. Nowhere is that more evident than in the PC market. As Steve Long, Intel corporate vice president, said when he virtually joined me on the COMPUTEX stage, “This year is shaping up to be the largest PC market ever.”

This year, we announced four new families of Intel® processors, 27 new CPUs built specifically for business, six new CPUs for education, 12 high performance mobile CPUs and eight high performance desktop CPUs for consumers. On the data center side, we launched our latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable platform, which includes over 40 individual CPUs optimized for cloud, high performance computing, network and security workloads. We also launched our latest Intel® Optane™ memory and storage products, FPGAs and Ethernet technologies — something new and exciting every quarter! 

Just a few weeks ago, we launched our 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-series mobile processors — the world’s best gaming laptop processors* — offering desktop-caliber game play from anywhere. We also just announced two additions to the 11th Gen Intel® Core™ family that will deliver even more performance and extend our leadership in the thin-and-light notebook category. More than 60 designs based on these two new products will available by the holidays, with designs from Acer, ASUS, Lenovo and MSI landing on shelves this summer — some selling this week. That totals nearly 250 thin-and-light laptops powered by 11th Gen Intel Core processors.

Intel is continuing to advance PC experiences beyond pure performance as well. With a combination of key platform technologies and system optimizations, Intel® Evo™  verified designs are co-engineered to ensure exceptional responsiveness, long battery life, instant wake and connectivity.

Our customers are taking advantage of delivering unique innovations on this platform: more than 85 Intel Evo designs have launched from top OEMs including Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI and Samsung, and we expect to verify more than 100 designs from over 15 OEMs by the end of this year.

And I’m excited to share that we’ve also partnered with more than 150 ecosystem partners to create a deeper level of premium mobile computing with plans to invest more than $50 million in Intel Evo ecosystem innovation this year.

Of course, we’re not just focused on the CPU. We are innovating at a platform level, too. We know real-world performance and connectivity are vital to our partners and the people that rely on PCs every day, so we’re accelerating the support and availability of Wi-Fi 6E with our 11th Gen lineup.** We’re even continuing that momentum beyond Wi-Fi with more platform capabilities and choice in the market with the launch of our first 5G product for PCs: the Intel® 5G Solution 5000.

This is not innovation for the sake of advancing technical specifications. It’s innovation designed to accelerate the meaningful build-out of what Pat calls the four superpowers: cloud, 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and the intelligent edge. Innovating in these areas is essential because they have the potential to impact the ways we live, work and play on a global scale.

As these superpowers accelerate, it is critical we deliver a data center platform that is flexible, that brings AI everywhere and that services all workloads from the edge to the cloud. This year, we advanced the capabilities of the Xeon platform with our latest 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors (code-named “Ice Lake”), which deliver a nearly 50% performance improvement over earlier generations.*** Cloud providers, OEMs and ODMs worldwide are deploying hundreds of unique systems and services to take advantage of these capabilities. 

These advancements are the result of close partnerships with our customers. The key to unleashing innovation and achieving our ambitious goal of improving the life of every human on Earth can only happen through collaboration with customers and partners. And to help them, we must listen to them so we can deliver what they truly need.

We’ve done amazing things together over the years, and we know there’s more to do. We are committed to continuing our listening journey, collaborating and unleashing the Intel innovation machine with an unprecedented level of investment, focus and customer obsession. Our future together is bright!

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