Winners of the Best Choice Award indicate that AI, IoT and enterprise applications are now mainstream

From looking at this year’s Best Choice Award, it is apparent that the AI and IoT industries are booming.

From looking at this year’s Best Choice Award, it is apparent that the AI and IoT industries are booming. According to IDC reports, worldwide spending on IoT is forecast to reach US$745 billion in 2019, an increase of 15.4% over the US$646 billion spent in 2018. The report shows IoT spending among manufacturers will be largely focused on solutions that support manufacturing operations and production asset management. Therefore, IDC expects that the industry will maintain a double-digit annual growth rate throughout the 2017 to 2022 forecast period.

5G, Networking & Communication

Quanta Cloud Technology
QCT Next Generation Central Office (NGCO) solution
TICC ► T101C

IPC & Embedded

NVIDIA Hong Kong Holdings Ltd. Taiwan Branch
NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier
Nangang Hall 1, 4F

IoT Applications

AIFA TECHNOLOGY CORP. i-Ctrl The Wireless Smart Home Device Nangang Hall 2, 1F ►P1222a
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Ameba D: Ultra-Low-Power Versatile IoT Solution (RTL8722DM) TICC ►T101A
Micro-Star Intl’l Co., Ltd. AIoT Edge Computing Box PC for Cloud PBX Solution & Call Center Solutions Nangang Hall 1, 1F ►K0616

IC & Components

E Ink Holdings Inc.
E Ink Hardware TCON T1000
Nangang Hall 2, 4F
Infineon Technologies Taiwan Co., Ltd.
CoolGaNTM e-mode HEMT
Nangang Hall 2, 4F

Smart Retail

Amaryllo International, Inc.
Soteria Enterprise
Nangang Hall 2, 4F

Enterprise Application & Service

Winner Wave TW Limited
Nangang Hall 2, 4F
Ubiik Weightless Long Range ePaper
Ubiik Weightless Long Range ePaper
TWTC Hall 1, 1F

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