AVITA to launch ADMIROR series, aims to double its market share

AVITA ADMIROR adopts an ultra-slim design and a special metallic chassis. Measuring only 9 mm at its slimmest point and weighing just 1.29 kg, ADMIROR is extremely handy to carry as your always-on life partner.

Just before the start of COMPUTEX this year, Nexstgo-owned tech brand AVITA announced its plan to launch the stylish ADMIROR notebook series in the third quarter of this year, as it seeks to capitalize on the back-to-school and holiday seasons. Alex Chung, CEO and co-founder of Nexstgo, pinned high hopes on the new product series doubling its market share.
S__6111258“ADMIROR is focused on targeting younger generations, which value art, fashion, and technology all together,” Chung said. The new series aims to appeal to the personal expression of youth. “Bringing to the next level and combining innovative technology, fashionable design and Gothic architectural elements, ADMIROR is the perfect ‘fashion gadget’ at work and for daily entertainment.”
At the launch party, models in different outfits drew attention to the different colors the ADMIROR will be available in. AVITA’s current marketing campaign titled #YouCanBe highlights the company’s aim to break the traditional market perception of lightweight notebooks as bland and functional. With its new ADMIROR series, available in a range of color options that break from the norm: — Blazing Brown, Flaming Copper, Delight Pink, Pride Blue and Traveler Green — there is an ADMIROR to fit every personality.
AVITA Head of Product Management Candy Wong introduced ADMIROR as the ultimate gadget for fashionistas, as it combines hints of Gothic architecture with contemporary aesthetics, realizing a seamless and slim body design with delicately crafted details.
It is designed with rounded corners and concealed hinges, taking inspiration from epoch-making architectural art, while applying innovative technology to provide a refreshingly extraordinary experience. The vault-inspired hinge, which is situated between the screen and the keyboard, further pushes its Gothic styling to the forefront.
DSC07245AVITA ADMIROR adopts an ultra-slim design and a special metallic chassis. Measuring only 9 mm at its slimmest point and weighing just 1.29 kg, ADMIROR is extremely handy to carry as your always-on life partner. The series is also available in two different screen size options — 14-inch and 15.6-inch models — fulfilling the needs of a wide spectrum of users.
Alex Chung said that as AVITA’s flagship product series, the feature set of the ADMIROR includes a 4K ULTRA-HD IPS display that offers natural color reproduction and a rich color range, as well as four-way passive boosters and two-way full-range speakers to boost audio sound quality, providing the best audio-visual experience at work or for movies and music enjoyment on the go.
Its touchscreen allows users to freely navigate the web, with an extra-large touch panel that supports multi-touch control, significantly enhancing overall flexibility and accuracy. Its backlit keyboard also significantly enhances the overall user experience. ADMIROR boasts battery life of up to 10 hours and supports Windows Hello, a biometric identity and access control feature that incorporates a fingerprint reader for strengthened privacy protection.
Moreover, to ensure a thoroughly lightweight design, ADMIROR is equipped with two USB-C ports and an adapter to meet users’ need to charge devices while out and about, transfer data or connect to different devices to extend versatility.
ADMIROR will launch in Hong Kong in August 2019 and in other regions later on. Prices start at US$800.

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