AIoT thrives at every scale in Taiwan

This year’s exhibition digs more deeply into today’s most significant ICT trends: AI Services & Robotics, Wearable & Healthcare Tech, Smart Transportation, Smart Home, and Smart Tech Solutions.

A distinctive feature of the SmarTEX exhibition (Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, 4th floor) at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2019 is its focus on well-made devices and systems that demonstrate real-world IoT innovation and cross-domain applications. While some tech shows highlight computer-generated renderings of products just over the horizon, SmarTEX highlights current products at the leading edge of development. Last year’s SmarTEX examined local development of AIoT, with local firms such as J-Mex building smart sensors into its BikeSpark auto-sensing rear light, and Honeywld Technology Company providing nonintrusive health care to elderly patients with a network of connected devices.
This year’s exhibition digs more deeply into today’s most significant ICT trends: AI Services & Robotics, Wearable & Healthcare Tech, Smart Transportation, Smart Home, and Smart Tech Solutions.
DSC08325.jpgEmbedded AI solutions developer AAEON presents its intelligent street light, a Smart City solution that adapts to changing weather and traffic conditions to ensure the most efficient use of resources, saving cities both time and money. It also automatically reports malfunctions and enables simple, web-based remote management. By combining data collection and AI-driven cloud computing, AAEON’s lighting system improves energy efficiency, reduces maintenance, and lowers carbon emissions.
Vehicle tracking firm Traceez miniaturized its smart transportation technology into its new iCar Slim, which brings the antitheft and geofence protections of its iCar Defender and iCar buddy to a cellphone-sized form factor that can fit under a bike seat. The automatic alarms can alert the user in seconds when the bike or scooter is disturbed. The real-time Lightning function tells users where the vehicle is every five seconds for up to a minute, making it easier for authorities to locate thieves.
Consumer electronics developer LoongYee is demonstrating its Aurora Smart Plug, which enables one-touch control of household appliances via IOS and Android smartphone apps. Users can control devices with a timer or an on-off button and monitor their smart home’s energy consumption with a power meter.
IoT device developer Full Enterprise Corp. is showing off its Smart Life system, which brings together scheduling functions, powered curtains, power sockets, timers and a multimedia panel to automate all aspects of a Smart Home. Security functions include power locks, a warning siren and multiple sensors, to ensure the safety of the user’s smart home when they aren’t present. Thermostat control is also available.
DSC08350.JPGLeadtek Research Inc., an AI solutions developer, has upgraded its range of solutions this year, focusing on smart manufacturing, smart health care and health ecosystems, presenting a wide array of top AI solutions, VDI products, professional graphics cards, eSports graphics cards and 8K glasses. This year, it is focusing on its updated, upgraded WinFast RTX Data Science Workstation series. Designed for AI, data analysis, machine learning and deep learning, the systems utilize the NVIDIA Turing-based Quadro RTX GPU. The workstations are suitable for conducting natural language processing and image/voice recognition.
The Taiwan Textile Research Institute has developed fabrics that monitor the stress levels of wearers and increased its investment in a smart textile laboratory to enable further innovation in textile processing and smart fabrics. The developments combine the smart health care and wearable domains, with the Taiwan Textile Research Institute creating smart sportswear and even a stress-detecting bra for women.
DSC08352.JPGAlso in the smart health care domain, CloudMed is demonstrating its iCARE 8-in-1 health monitoring device, which combines sensors to observe and record a wide range of measurements in about a minute. Controlled by an app, the device tracks results over time, which are stored in the cloud, enabling users to share info with health care providers and helping them to improve their diet and exercise regimens.
The TourTalk web service brings a bit of humanity to a widespread problem: visitors who cannot speak the local language interacting with shop owners, health workers, and other officials. Online travel concierges translate for users in a way that exceeds services based on machine translation, while adding value with personal recommendations for sites to visit and nightlife activities, when requested.
Across several domains of AIoT, developers and manufacturers are using SmarTEX to highlight their shared commitment to innovation and to solving problems for customers, be they cities or individuals.