Buyers from around the world gather at COMPUTEX 2019

COMPUTEX TAIPEI is a vital hub for domestic and foreign businesses alike to source and network for potential partnerships and orders.

COMPUTEX TAIPEI is a vital hub for domestic and foreign businesses alike to source and network for potential partnerships and orders. We spoke to international buyers at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 and Hall 2 show grounds to understand more about their experiences at one of the world’s leading ICT fair .

3Leyard Planar – United States
Senior Product Manager
Cindy McCullough
“We are looking for new vendors for new monitor suppliers, not gaming, not DOOH or anything like that. And I’m looking specifically for USB Type-C. COMPUTEX is a very good show, this is the thirteenth show that I have been to and every year it’s getting better and better.”

2Super International Pte. Ltd.  – Singapore
Vijay Gupta
“We are into memory product mainly, so to source the memory card to meet the vendor. We have existing vendors, also at the same time looking for new vendors or memory like SSD product, memory modules, micro SD, and UDP these kind of products. It’s a great chance to meet new things.”


1hitech professionals-  Bangladesh
Proprietor Md.
Mazibur Rahman
“We are looking for memory related components. Bangladesh is an ICT blooming country right now, and we’ve got many market opportunities. People like Taiwanese products not Chinese products or any other countries; we like Taiwanese products because Chinese products are below standard compared with Taiwanese products. The Technology industry here in Taiwan is fine, In Bangladesh we use ASUS, MSI very often.”

4INOVIS medical AG – Switzerland
Alexander Fischer
“We focus on improving medical outcomes for hospitals and patients. Just look at new products, and to talk with existing suppliers. I do health care IT so I need medical computer, tablet, and monitor manufacturers, and stuff like that. COMPUTEX is very important for Taiwan and worldwide so I come every year to check new opportunities.”

5Mighty Ape – New Zealand
Games Business Manager
Duane Burger
“We are looking for the latest, the greatest tech. We are also here meeting with some of our partners and suppliers, so we are bringing news back to New Zealand. COMPUTEX is very exciting, I love coming here. This is my second time here, last time it was about 3 years ago. It’s great to see how much COMPUTEX is changing, as well. It’s very easy to get around, I’m very happy with the Metro MRT system, that’s absolutely incredible.”

6Redington – India
Group Product Manager
Prasad C
“We are the leading brand in India, we are exploring the latest technologies so that we can bring it back to our country. I’m looking for AI, IoT, and gaming partnerships. COMPUTEX is very powerful, this is one of the finest in terms of thinking. They are thinking almost like 30 years ahead, 40 years ahead. COMPUTEX is presenting what the future will be.”

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