PLUSTEK INC. – eScan standalone network scanner

Plustek’s eScan A350 has a built-in 7” LCD touchscreen with a smartphone-like Apollo interface.

Respected as a world-class imaging and surveillance solutions providers, Plustek Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality, professional scanners, as well as security devices for businesses, professionals and consumers.

列印Plustek is committed to customers and partners. Innovative products are designed through the contribution and feedback collected from users and various technology and trade partners to ensure that these products meet and exceed their expectations. The company’s large investments in technology innovations, coupled with a close-knit network of global sales, marketing and support teams, demonstrates Plustek’s commitment to customers.


eScanA350_20170824_01_2Plustek’s eScan A350 has a built-in 7” LCD touchscreen with a smartphone-like Apollo interface. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy for everyone in the office to enjoy scanning immediately. Once the oversized Apollo button has been touched, the scanned thumbnail image shows up for a quick review. Fast Edit is also available when needed, in order to make quick tweaks.



Selling Points

  1. Easy scanning with support up to 66” long paper.
  2. Scan-to email, network folders, the cloud, FTP, mobile devices.
  3. One-step scanning to multiple destinations.

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