COMPUTEX d&i awards on top of latest trends

Awarding the vanguard leaders in four additional categories

COMPUTEX d&i awards has entered its 11th year, boasting additional special awards as an encouragement for industry members to bring in more creative and quality elements, as well as to experiment outside their comfort-zones. The d&i awards ceremony was hosted on June 5 at Nangang Exhibition Center 4th Floor, Area M at 10 a.m., so be on the lookout when you visit!

Winners of the awards are selected from COMPUTEX exhibitors and non-exhibitors, leveling the competition ground for anyone to vie for. The additional special awards include categories that adhere to technology trends that have swept the world: “Artificial Intelligence” (AI), “Internet of Things” (IoT), “Start-Ups” and “Application and Solutions,” which are making incredible advancements.
Award panelists— made up of global experts in telecommunications, venture capital and top industrial designers —are choosing the d&i winners that embody innovation, quality, practicality, and responsible and aesthetically pleasing elements. Those with products that embody such elements will have an opportunity to promote their design and products on a global-scale.
Looking for the best AI, robots, solutions, gaming and more COMPUTEX d&i selects and showcases the top tier products for you to consider, ranging from the aforementioned industries to other cutting-edge products such as virtual reality, augmented reality, gaming, cloud and storage, multimedia, to name a few.
Whatever you’re looking for, you will find them on display at COMPUTEX d&i.


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