DATO’s ARES SERIES RGB Overclocking Memory Stands for Speed, Power & Efficiency

The esports market has set off an upsurge in the world, driving a vigorous development of esports products. ARES SERIES is the first RGB overclocking memory launched by Dato, with the Greek mythical God of War, ARES, as the brand image. It symbolizes speed, power and efficiency.

The esports market has set off an upsurge in the world, driving a vigorous development of esports products. ARES SERIES is the first RGB overclocking memory launched by Dato, with the Greek mythical God of War, ARES, as the brand image. It symbolizes speed, power and efficiency. ARES high-speed DDR4 memory uses carefully selected high-stability particles from major manufacturers and has passed a number of rigorous tests to maximize overclocking memory.

The powerful memory together with the dazzling RGB lighting effect and the high-quality zinc alloy heat sink with strong heat dissipating function all but solve the player’s most difficult overheating problem. The powerful performance and brilliant lighting of ARES SERIES promise to bring customers new sensory enjoyment and functional experience.

In view of the gamer’s expectations on the aesthetic memory and the RGB lighting effects. The company has found that gamers often get into scrapes with the most special RGB lighting effects to match their valuable computer equipment to present the most gorgeous gaming experience. Datotek has noticed that consumers have to make a decision between clear crystal light effect or frosted surface light effect while purchasing. In response to this pain point, Datotek let the light guide on the Ares-Armor combine the advantages of the crystal light effect and the frosted surface light effect, to present two effects at the same time. So, the RGB gaming memory can be perfectly matched with the computer peripheral equipment to perform synchronous flashing. Ares-Armor satisfied the gamer’s biggest expectation of RGB lighting effect.

Armor RGB gaming memory — an ensemble of newly patented screwless heatsink technology — uses of zinc alloy to present a more solid metal texture and a totem of a warrior’s silhouette and simple curved lines that depict a warrior helmet as its emblem creates a strong visual effect of a combat symbol. The precision plate cutting technology highlights the glamorous horsehair on the warrior’s helmet. Moreover, the multiple processes in the use of the state-of-the art plastic injection technology to create a perfect LED light effect through the V-shaped light guide combined with diamond cut light guide and frosted surface support the RGB lighting in producing glaring colors and multi-level RGB light effects. Armor has been certified by the top five motherboard manufacturers with their support software that synchronizes the LED lighting effects with the motherboard to allow gamers to enjoy both the performance and the visual impact.

Datotek created “delight your life” with persistence. It has continually adhered to this motto. Only when its customers are happy and the products can improve the quality of their lives will DATO prove its value. We understand that having a stable and convenient data storage is very important to customers. Through these 4 keys :

Delight User Experience:

DATO has been working diligently cultivating the memory market for many years – from IC purchasing, manufacturing and testing to designing and packaging every product. At every step of the way, its focus has been on how it can offer customers superior products and services, and provide the consumers with a pleasing and user friendly experience.

Attractive Product Design:

The superiority of DATO products in their aesthetic taste, fashionable appearances, and the careful selection of materials in their designs have made them highly competitive. The company thrives in creating more high quality products for our customers.

Technology Innovation:

DATO has many years of experience in manufacturing and selling memory products. It is highly effective in integrating and streamlining the process of manufacturing and quality control. In recent years, it has aggressively invested in digital transformation and industrialized market control as well as importing intelligent life and Cloud applications to adapt to the rapidly changing market and to strengthen our customer service.

Optimize Performance:

DATO has applied many years of superior manufacturing and team experience as well as carefully selecting software and hardware technologies to perfect the effectiveness of its products.

The persistence in integrity applies to not only the company’s customers, but also to DATO’s suppliers and employees. Only by keeping its promises can DATO win the support and loyalty of all. In doing so, DATO can achieve its goal of sustainable operations.

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