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Reliable, high-speed data duplication and sanitization

Accurate duplication of data, the foundation of smart cities

Massive amounts of data are the core and foundation of smart city development. The issue of how to safeguard that data is of primary importance to both the public and private sectors, particularly financial and medical institutions, as they keep people’s private information, such as health records or financial status. Therefore, a rigorous mechanism is needed to ensure such vital data will not be leaked to third parties under any circumstances.

U-Reach Inc, the Taipei-based company established in 2002 and is known for manufacturing cutting-edge data cloning, sanitization equipment, and storage media inspection — professional and efficient standalone devices that can simultaneously duplicate from one source to multiple targets, or comprehensively wipe entire information from the storage media. The company’s products work with the full gamut of storage media, including optical media such as CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs; traditional electromechanical storage such as IDE, SATA and SAS hard disk drives; and flash memory-based media like Solid-State Drives, USB Flash Drives, Secure Digital and Compact Flash cards.

Reliable data duplication assists Taiwanese law enforcement with investigations and ensures chain of custody

U-Reach’s high-quality duplicators create a reliable, worry-free environment for users to copy data without the risk of viruses or infiltration, as they do not require a connection to a computer to operate, and they also feature some of the best performance and reliability available on the market.

U-Reach’s products have proven useful to Taiwanese law enforcement, particularly when they need to copy video camera surveillance footage to be used as evidence in court. The devices are equipped with read-only master ports, meaning that during the duplication process, the original data in the source device is never tampered. This ensures that the source device remains in its original condition and that chain of custody of evidence is maintained.

Such accurate and rapid duplication of surveillance footage has helped Taiwanese investigators unravel alleged criminal activity. In one case, dozens of copies were made of source surveillance footage and distributed among scores of investigators tasked with finding clues. Thanks to the duplicators’ 100 percent accuracy when cloning, the authorities could rest assured in the knowledge that they were working with faithful duplications. Having dozens of staff examining the footage simultaneously greatly reduced the time spent on the investigation, which allowed it to be prosecuted successfully.

Due to these advantages, law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities in other regions in Asia and Europe are increasingly adopting U-Reach’s products to facilitate their investigations and preserve the integrity of evidence.

Compliance with stringent requirements results in adoption in the aviation and military sectors

U-Reach’s commitment to delivering reliable equipment and services has also met or exceeded the requirements of military forces. Their storage duplicators’ consistent accuracy and intelligent copy capabilities have seen them widely adopted for copying and preserving data related to aviation and military technologies. A number of military systems suppliers in Africa and the Americas have purchased these devices to safeguard information stored inside tanks and aircraft.

Aside from their top-notch duplication capabilities, U-Reach’s devices also feature high-quality data sanitization functions that comply with the requirements outlined in the US Department of Defense’s National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual, also known as DOD 5220.22-M.

Data sanitization refers to the complete destruction of all information on a hard disk drive or other digital media through a variety of methods. The most common sanitization technique is overwriting all data on the storage device, which renders all information unrecoverable. U-Reach employs several variations of this method, including repeated full data overwrites, which can be conducted on hundreds of drives simultaneously.

A trusted partner for government agencies and financial institutions

U-Reach’s reliable data security solution has made it a trusted partner of government agencies and financial institutions that have strict requirements for erasing sensitive information, such as health records. The central bank of one Southeast Asian country has used the company’s products to sanitize aging storage media before replacements. Their products are also useful for businesses in the healthcare and insurance sectors, which are custodians of a wealth of confidential personal data.

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