3S is the first company in Taiwan to successfully mass-produce MEMS microphones. The dual-chip MEMS microphone is packaged with a microphone diaphragm that is fabricated by specific MEMS process and a preamplifier ASIC that is fabricated by a CMOS process. The product features a high signal-to-noise ratio and high acoustic overload point. It is used widely in a variety of human-machine interaction devices that require voice capture, voice recognition and feedback, such as active noise-canceling headphones.
3S MEMS microphones offer analog and digital outputs, suitable for all kinds of electronic products such as smartphones, smart speakers, notebooks, Bluetooth headsets and TVs. All MEMS microphones have passed various acoustic characteristic and reliability tests. The products have excellent acoustic characteristics and reliable quality. 3S is one of the few companies in the world that offers a full range of MEMS microphones.
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Selling Points
High acoustic overload point
High signal-to-noise ratio
Excellent acoustic characteristics and reliable quality

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