COMPUTEX 2019 bringing Microsoft tech into daily life

Microsoft demonstrated and displayed several devices that reflect COMPUTEX 2019’s focus on AI and IoT.

Microsoft demonstrated and displayed several devices that reflect COMPUTEX 2019’s focus on AI and IoT. From connected blenders to dash cams that monitor drivers in real time and lamps that double as computing devices, Microsoft and its corporate partners extend the scope of what’s possible with Microsoft’s Azure AI, Azure Sphere, and related technologies.


AVNET Azure Sphere Starter Kit
Enabling traditional, non-connected devices to leverage benefits of IoT architecture, the AVNET Azure Sphere Starter Kit uses a microchip power monitor to oversee energy used by the connected blender. Data such as line frequency, voltage, and current can then be observed in real time, letting the Azure Sphere device detect which blender button was pressed. Each button is mapped to a smoothie flavor, allowing incredibly detailed review. Microsoft’s Azure Sphere OS allows highly secured, connected devices to help users drive innovation and delight customers.


DSC07664bIOSlab LUMI
LUMI is a computing device that projects a 20-inch display onto a table, or an 80-inch display onto a wall. The iF award-winning design, inspired by modern furniture styles, features a sleek, 270-degree rotating head that allows tremendous flexibility. Ideal for forward-thinking use cases, the LUMI has inspired its designers to create various mixed-reality education, interaction, and gaming environments that use machine learning for object and image detection. Microsoft Azure also provides back-end functions for accounts and device management. This is no mere lamp.


Delta Bluetooth Intelligent Control
Bluetooth Mesh wireless communication modules, with LED drivers, can simplify and lower the costs of artificial illumination in large buildings, such as hospitals and factories. Lighting large buildings requires a large number of devices, in dense distribution patterns. By turning lamps into nodes of IoT architecture with Delta Bluetooth Intelligent Control, builders, architects, and managers can decrease the costs of lighting installation, minimize installation time, and lower the costs of operation. Delta also offers additional capabilities to boost flexibility and reorganization potential.


DSC07643Askey Connected Car Cam+
The Askey Connected Car Cam+ brings advanced diagnostics, security, and prevention to any vehicle by leveraging Microsoft’s Azure AI technology. With real-time recording, the device provides an unbiased account in the event of an accident, while protecting drivers and pedestrians with Azure AI object detection and speech services. With device management handled via the Microsoft Azure IoT platform, the Car Cam+ provides vehicle telemetry and an updated dashboard. The device heralds the latest generation of in-car accessories that make driving safer, smarter, and constantly connected.

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