ICP DAS Co., Ltd. – Industrial IoT power meter concentrator

ICP DAS, established in 1993, focuses on innovation and improving industrial automation technology.

ICP DAS, established in 1993, focuses on innovation and improving industrial automation technology. As the internet has spread into households and entertainment, it has become a trend to integrate data acquisition, industrial control and communication into one complete system. The embedded-control system has also become a focal point of research and applications.

ICP DAS strives to create advanced remote I/O controllers, distributed I/O modules, and I/O data acquisition boards. To provide a total industrial automation solution and complete after-sales service, ICP DAS has enthusiastically endeavored to develop a series of programmable automation controllers, web-related products and motion-control systems.

ICP DAS offers an efficient and comprehensive automation solution for applications such as industrial control, real-time data, earthquake and hydrology warning systems, power monitoring, and video game consoles. ICP DAS has gained worldwide recognition in the field of industrial control and automation.

16090501 - ICPDAS Ringna



Selling Points

  1. No installation required, web browser can access the system.
  2. Maximum connections of 24 Modbus TCP/RTU electric meters.
  3. ln-time and historical power data and statistics are shown.

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