COMPUTEX Best Choice Award to announce 36 winners including for AI, IoT, Gaming, Smart Home, Telematics and Smart Computing

Best Choice Award (BC Award) of COMPUTEX TAIPEI has served as a guide for buyers’ procurement since 2002.

Best Choice Award (BC Award) of COMPUTEX TAIPEI has served as a guide for buyers’ procurement since 2002. To ensure the winners are innovative in design and are market ready, participating products have to fulfill the three major criteria: functionality, innovation and market potential. In 2018, 36 winners were selected from more than 350 entries. Visitors can see the winners at the BC Award’s Pavilion at I0307,1F, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1.
The 17th BC Award winners’ launch was held on May 30th. Thirty-six award-winning products were presented, covering trends including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Gaming and Entertainment, Smart Home, Telematics and Smart Computing for Business and Industry. TCA stated that compared to the previous years, the biggest feature in this year’s candidates is their achievements in combining hardware/software/cloud integration into their product specifications. The winner of the highly anticipated annual Best Choice of the Year Award was announced at the COMPUTEX opening ceremony on June 5th.

See all 36 winners now on Best Choice Award Website

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